A New Year

January 5, 2015

Hello friends! Marie here (what? I know, I’m actually blogging today. lol). Happy First Monday of the Year to you all! I hope 2015 been going good for everyone so far. I can’t believe it’s a brand new year already. I want to thank everyone for a fabulous 2014 and am looking forward to all the great new things that will be coming this year. 

photo‘Lavender’ from November’s Secret Stamp

Let’s talk about resolutions today. I know, ugh… resolutions right? Those things that we get all amped about at the beginning of the year and then by mid February, it’s like ‘what resolutions?’ I know it can be painful but let’s do it. I’ll volunteer to go first.

For 2015 I am going to be intentional about getting things done. I even got a nifty $9 planner from Target to assist me. I am going to be ORGANIZED, as organized as I possibly can. Like for real, I’m really going to work on this one, this year. For real. Really. Seriously.

Creativity. I am going to have to squeeze in time to make something creative each week. A little coloring, some cutting, something. My art supplies will see the light of day this year! And from that, great things shall happen… hopefully.

Blog more. That’s what I’m doing today, ha! See, getting this resolution thing down already. I’m intentionally taking over Mondays’ posts.

Have more FUN! Believe it or not, this is actually a difficult thing for me. There’s always so much things I have to take care of, I usually get into a robot mode and then each day just passes by. This year though, I plan to go out more and do more exciting things with my kiddos. 

So share with us, what’s your resolution(s)?

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  • Looks like we have very very similar resolution! I got myself a planner, finding time to make more cards and exploring the world of paper crafters out there in the WWW. Just got to know TGF recently after I started this hobby again few months back after a long break of three over years! Love TGF characters!

  • me encanta tus propositos, el mio es ser mas organizada y planificada…. además d hacer muchas cosas que me gustan saliendo un poco de mi zona de confort….

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