NEW! Miss Anya Spring

March 20, 2016


Happy First Day of Spring everyone! We haven’t had a Miss Anya set in a while so we thought we’d dress her up for Spring! Here are some of the cute cards that the DT has done and now you can also get the set in the shop. Also we are giving away a set for one lucky commenter today! So leave a comment below for your chance to win this adorable set!












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  • Love them! Be a dreamer card is probably my favorite, right now anyways!

  • Beautiful, love it.

  • Too cute! Love the release. Beautiful cards!!

  • This set is so adorable. I love their beautiful dresses!

  • Oh these are the sweetest! LOVE her fabulous Spring hairdos & wardrobe!

  • Ooh I love this set! They are all so pretty! And with 3 daughters, it would be perfect for me 🙂

  • Wow what a great new Anya set, and the samples of the DT are all fab! It look the ladies are walking on a catwalk with their pretty dresses! Love them, hugs Blankina

  • Oh adorable!
    I love them
    all. Lovely
    cards show-
    casing them.
    Carla from Utah

  • I of course love these Anya’s. They look like so much fun to color..awesome job from the dt members.

  • They are so cute cute! Thank you for the Amazing inspiration from DT Girls.These cards are just georgeus.I adore Rosemary’s cards with perfect bow.Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Soo beautiful card!!! I love this stamps <3

  • Oh wow, I can’t choose a favourite of the DT cards, I love them all. The DT have shown the diversity of these stamps in a fantastic way using so many techniques, well done.

  • Wow! Love these super cute cards and the set is adorable. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Lovely cards! Girls are very spring like! Love them. Thanks for the chance to win x

  • They all look cute. Love them

  • Love the new Miss Anya set! Looks like so much fun to color, or paper piece! 😀
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win this set!

  • What a wonderful set! Anya is always so stylish and the DT did an excellent job in showing how versatile theses stamps are 🙂 You guys at the Greeting Farm always manage to wow us, with every release <3

  • Such elegant ladies. Fab samples from the DT.

  • Love it!!! This stamp set is fabulous!!!!

  • This set is adorable!! I must have it. 🙂

  • Wow they are so beautiful!!!! I need those…

  • These girls are adorable and the cards are all amazing!

  • They are beautiful and are great for Prom cards!!

  • This is an adorable set ! A definite must have. Wow the dt did an awesome job on showcasing the possibilities with this set.

  • What an fantastic set. Love the flowers on the dresses and they are perfect for so many occasion. Love the samples the DT made.

  • I’ve been looking at some of these, and I think these are my favorite yet!

  • Oh my goodness. Perfect set!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  • Miss Anya is my favorite!! This is such a cute set!! <3

  • Wonderful new Miss Anya’s! All the design teams creations are fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on her 🙂

  • This set is adorable. I love the “Be A Dreamer” as she reminds me of my grand daughter who has straight long blonde hair and always wanted to wear a dress. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Love this set! They are so adorable and will be going on my wish list

  • These are gorgeous! Your entire team showcased them to perfection. Miss Anya has stolen my heart yet again! Thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity to win. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  • These are adorable–they remind me of my granddaughters.

  • OMG for sure!!! I love this new set. The very first Greeting Farm stamp set I ever got was one of the Miss Anya sets and I just love them. This set would be perfect to make a going to Prom card for my daughter. I think everyone made such adorable cards and they have given me soooo many ideas on how to use it. LOVE LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I think I have a new favorite for my collection! Hugs LisaG

  • Would love to win this. Thank you for the opportunity. This is my first time seeing a Miss Anya set and they are so cute!

  • Oh how wonderful….glad you have released these…I love Anya!

  • Love this set! The girls are great!

  • wow, they are all so lovely, great work from DT!

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  • So so so sweet! Love her

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