Autism Awareness Blog Hop

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Many of you may know of someone who has autism whether it be a relative or a friend's child, or you may even have a child that has it. And if you do, you know how overwhelming it can be. These are beautiful children and men and women who are presented with challenges that are part of their everyday lives, including family and loved ones. 

So today we are teaming up with Veronica Zalis of 'So Many Stamps So Little Time' in a encouraging blog hop bring awareness to Autism via stamping! Many amazing people in our crafty community has come today to make a card to support those affected by autism. Let's show our support and love for those living with Autism including their families!

Please leave a comment below and head over to:

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Patricia Ladd

Patricia Ladd said:

Great cards for kids. Love all the hairdos!! Thank you for participating in this very worthwhile blog hop.

Kristie Maynard

Kristie Maynard said:

Fabulous cards! Love those little superheros. Thanks for sharing with us and supporting this awareness hop.


Karen said:

WOW! I am blown away by all of the amazing cards that you have shown! Thank you so much for both sponsoring & participating in this Autism Awareness blog hop. I am humbled to be part of this community.

Ana Korban

Ana Korban said:

All amazing cards!

Jen Forster

Jen Forster said:

Fantastically creative!

Liz mca

Liz mca said:

Love those super heroes

Doreen Schostek

Doreen Schostek said:

As a mom of a 30 yo son with Autism and a 28 yo daughter that teaches Special Ed with a true passion, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in spreading awareness!!

Karen Page

Karen Page said:

Wow, they’re all great encouragement cards, but I think I love Jessie’s the most… that puzzle background!!! Love it! Perfect for the hop!

Kimberly Ostgard

Kimberly Ostgard said:

Love the the wonderful cards thanks for sponsoring such lovely cause as a mother of an autistic daughter I know the struggle educating the public and others is a challenge.
Thanks for your support.
Have a blessed day!

Ruth B

Ruth B said:

thank you for sponsoring this wonderful blog hop to spread autism awareness. Awareness has made the world of different to my kids ain schools and extra curricular activities and it is so amazing to see this supported by so many

Emma Finlay

Emma Finlay said:

The superhero comic page is fantastic

Andrea Hastilow

Andrea Hastilow said:

So many wonderful, empowering fab cards, thank you all so much for all the awareness you’ve raised x

Brandi R

Brandi R said:

What a fabulous team! Gorgeous creations….LOVE ♥

Mary-Anne V

Mary-Anne V said:

What a fun couple of cards…love the superhero theme. great way to raise awareness!

Dee Earnshaw

Dee Earnshaw said:

wow these cards are just GORGEOUS – thanks for the ideas and sharing in this awesome hop:)

Carla Hundley

Carla Hundley said:

What a fun and
uplifting bunch
of cards! Love
them all.
Carla from Utah

Sharon Gullikson

Sharon Gullikson said:

What great cards. I especially love the first one with superheroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gayle Bartholomew

Gayle Bartholomew said:

All of the cards are so colorful and encouraging, perfect for this wonderful cause. Thanks for sharing.

Kirsty Vittetoe

Kirsty Vittetoe said:

Thanks for the talent you share. I love your cards!

Arnisha C

Arnisha C said:

These cards are so fun and sweet. Perfect for the cause. Thank you for participating in the autism awareness blog hop. My 8 year old nephew is autistic. He’s non-verbal but he loves music and likes getting his hands messy with ink after I stamp various images. This means so much to me.

Victoria Banaszak

Victoria Banaszak said:

What awesome amazeballs cards!!! I love your style. Those kids are just adorable!

Iris Soscia

Iris Soscia said:

Stunning and gorgeous cards – love the brilliant colors.


Angie said:

Oh, my goodness, all these superhero cards in one place!!! I love them all. Such great designs! Our son is my superhero! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Deepti Aggarwal

Deepti Aggarwal said:

Aww.. such a cute card..Love it.

Donna Phelan

Donna Phelan said:

Super FUN! Love the Super Heroes and the uplifting and perfect sentiments!

Amy Tsuruta

Amy Tsuruta said:

Oh my, these are ALL fabulous!

Teresa Doyle

Teresa Doyle said:

What cute and encouraging cards. So much inspiration. Well done ladies!

Arianna Barbara

Arianna Barbara said:

Oh my!!! Such adorable set of cards!!! They’re totally cute and so funny!!!

Terri Burson

Terri Burson said:

Thank you so much for sponsoring this wonderful event! Your team has done some amazing work. I need to take a look around your wonderful site! Might find something that I HAVE to have, lol.

Cynthia Cole

Cynthia Cole said:

How adorable are these cards, SUPER ADORABLE!

Mar N

Mar N said:

What and amazing cause you sponsored!!
Love all the cards


Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant said:

Such fun cards! These are awesome!
Light it up blue!

La’Nay Johnson

La’Nay Johnson said:

Wow! I’m floored by all of the wonderful card designs on this blog. I ❤️ that most of the cards features superheroes. In a way, a child with autism has superpowers because they have to face/fight challenges that we may never fully grasp. Thanks for sharing and supporting a wonderful cause.


Gab said:

Wow, such fun cards!! You are supporting a really great cause!


stempelfrida said:

Oh my god, your cards are absolutely stunning! Thank you for supporting this initiative.
Kind regards from stempelfrida


DUMONTIER Marjorie said:

That’s a great set of cards !!

Cathy Lillie

Cathy Lillie said:

Awesome (and pawsome) cards! I think every kid should get to be their own superhero!

Amante del Papel

Amante del Papel said:

I have no words to explain how beautiful these cards are, I love them


Kenisha said:

Thank you for sponsoring such lovely cause.

Annette Reed

Annette Reed said:

These are all amazing. Everyone’s coloring is spectacular. You are all very talented. Thanks for sponsoring this hop.

Kelsey Thomas

Kelsey Thomas said:

Your coloring is fantastic! I especially love that first card! :) Great job!

Kim A Klinkovsky

Kim A Klinkovsky said:

A Great card to spread a wonderful message of Autism Awareness. Thanks for the inspiration!

Janis in ID

Janis in ID said:

Thank you so much for sponsoring this important event!
❤ J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant said:

Awesome cards with great coloring! Love these fun images!
Light it up blue!

Ericka Strange

Ericka Strange said:

Great cards and I love the superheros! Such a great blog hop for a wonderful cause! Thanks for being a sponsor.

Larissa Heskett

Larissa Heskett said:

SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Cards!! THANKS for supporting such an AMAZING Hop!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

Kari VanNoy

Kari VanNoy said:

Wow! All such great cards!!


Indy said:

OH these are just amazing cards for such a worthy occasion! Thanks for sponsoring this amazing hop!


Marjorie DUMONTIER said:

These are fantastic cards !!

Talisman camps

Talisman camps said:

I read this article. Thanks for sponsoring this blog hop for spread autism awareness. Awesome cards and great work. Thanks for the support.

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