Be confident, be brave, be amazing

Hello Farm friends!

Amy here with my turn to share and I've got a card that is sure to delight Harry Potter fans. I love how easy it is to transform the cute little scholars from the Honor Students set into magical Harry Potter inspired characters by simply combining them with the Magic Class set. Of course I had to create a card with Harry himself so I stamped on the round glasses and with a bit of masking added a broom to his hand. I imagined a scene of him getting ready to go practice some quidditch on a sunny spring afternoon. So I dug through my stamps and found an old unmarked castle stamp that could pass for Hogwarts looming in the background. By stamping it in a light grey ink it fools the eye into seeing it in the distance as compared to Harry and Hedwig being stamped in a bold black ink. Then I colored in a couple tree branches to help push the castle back some more plus it created a place for Hedwig to perch. The sentiment was chosen because it seemed to sum up Harry's best qualities and encourages all of us to be just as brave, confident and amazing.  :)  

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SarahC said:

Love it!!!! You did a wonderful job.

Janie Vantol

Janie Vantol said:

This is so adorable! I absolutely love it! I know severL Harry Potter fans who would love to receive this fabulous card! TFS

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