Come and color with Jill!

Happy Monday! Guest YouTuber Jill is back with another video. Here she shares how she colors Anya's Lovelock hair (A Lovelock was popular amongst European "men of fashion" from the end of the 16th century until well into the 17th century. The lovelock was a long lock of hair, often plaited (braided) and made to rest over the left shoulder (the heart side) to show devotion to a loved one). I have to say, while it took me forever to color Anya's hair, I love the outcome! You should give it a try! But before you do, watch Jill as she colors (it's super therapeutic! Enjoy and please show her some love (^_^)

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Stamps in Video:

Cool Couple

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Sue D

Sue D said:

Fabulous coloring.

Jan Stretlien

Jan Stretlien said:

I love the idea of the purple hair. I was just told a secret that my 51 y/o future daughter in-law is going to dye her hair purple. I would
like to purchase this type of craft project so
she can do crafts with the purple stamp, etc.
Where can I find out more info on the items.
Thank you, I love it. Jan

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