Hello, hello!

Amy here and I couldn't wait to ink up one of the new beauties from the Cheeky Girly Girls kit that arrived in my mailbox recently. I've been a huge fan of the Cheeky range ever since the original three, Glamour, Rockabilly and Shooter were released back in 2010. Compared to the other characters that call TGF home the Cheekies have always been a little bit naughty and super sassy! Now up until this newest clear kit all of the previous Cheekies have been in seated or kneeling positions but now the gals are standing up and ready to strut their stuff. This particular Cheeky looked to me like she was ready for a beach vacation full of surfing fun and twilight bonfires. I grabbed various scene building type stamps from my stash to help make that idea come to life. You may also notice her pink lips... if I had one pet peeve with these lovelies it was that their pretty rosebud lips always inked up black along with everything else. So this time around using a stamp platform I was able to wipe the black ink away from the lips before stamping then ink them up again using a pink ink and I LOVE the results! I really can't wait to get more of these Girly Girl Cheekies onto their own cards... who knows what what kind of fun each of them will be having.  

Stay crafty... and a little sassy!  ;)

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