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Amy here and for my card today I wanted to challenge myself to pair up an old, or better yet... classic, TGF stamp with something new. For the new my mind immediately went to the Potted Plants set that came out in November because I had an idea on how to use the long stemmed plant that is included, in a different way. At the time of it's release I thought it would be cool to create either a field of wheat or a field of lavender by omitting the pot and repeatedly stamping the long stemmed plants in front of and behind a character image. So before I sat down to create I took a look at the store to see who would look good standing in a field. I noticed that Blush Babette is currently available and considering it has been years since I've inked her up she seemed the perfect choice. Babette seemed much more likely to be strolling through a vast field of sweet smelling lavender so I grabbed some green and purple ink and got to work creating rows of lavender along the bottom of my card. Next I stamped Babette on using desert sand ink and wiped away some of the ink on her legs so only parts of them would peek out from behind the lavender. Then I masked her off and added some more stamped lavender around her. Once that was done I pulled out my Copics and continued the field back behind her by dotting in color, going lighter and lighter as it receded into the distance. I hope this card inspires you to look at the stamps in your stash with fresh eyes and new ideas on how to use them in multiple ways on your cards.    

I hope your weekend is a crafty one!


Sandra kingsley

Sandra kingsley said:

Just stunning Amy! Lavender are my all time favourite flowers and colour!
I love all your gorgeous images and beautiful backgrounds that you do!

Leanna Cain

Leanna Cain said:

I love the field of flowers. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful card!


Gab said:

Oh wow, this is just so pretty

Diane Anesi

Diane Anesi said:

This is so perfect. Seriously gifted…

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