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Hello fellow Farmers!

Amy here, and since it is my first blog post for September, this seemed the perfect time to revisit the big Anya Reboot kit and ink up the updated version of Teacher Anya. With the kids all back in school now, I thought it would be fun to pair Teacher Anya with one of the sweet students from the Hey Teacher set (which is currently out of stock in the TGF store but can still be found at Simon Says Stamp). Together they make for a really cute classroom scene.

I stamped the little girl sitting at the desk first and then masked her off before stamping Teacher Anya to the left and her backpack to the right. The backpack was stamped low, right next to the desk, so that it would look like it is sitting right at her feet. Teacher Anya, on the other hand, was stamped further up the card front so that her feet are level with the desk top. This positioning combined with the masking helps push the teacher further back in the room, making it appear that the student in the desk is closer to us, the viewer.

With the stamping done it was time to color in a class room scene for these two. I used a ruler to create a diagonal line on the left hand side to reinforce the perspective of there being a lot of space behind these darling characters. Then I added a straight line across the card for the back wall. I followed those same lines as I added the white erase board to the wall on the left and the bulletin board to the far wall. With the room all mapped out it didn't take me long to have it all colored in using a fairly neutral color palette. This helped the brighter colors in the clothing make Teacher Anya and her student really pop.  :)

Stay crafty my friends!

September 06, 2023 by The Greeting Farm DT


Sue D

Sue D said:

Cute classroom scene.


Janelle said:

Love the coloring 🥰💖

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