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Hello fellow Farmers!

Amy here, and I bet you were expecting to see the final Anya from the original Anya Combo kit from me today. Well, she got bumped to my next blog post because of the surprise release of this beautiful Goth Girl digital stamp set. She's a new addition to the Creeper Crew style of characters and I am always excited when we get another wide eyed Creeper cutie to create with. Goth Girl also reminds me of a certain dark character from a popular show, which gave me the perfect direction to take my scene building for this card. 

The Goth Girl set includes both the sentiment that I used and the satchel that is resting on the ground beside her. To help the sentiment stand out I placed it in the kind of creepy speech bubble from the Boo To You digi set. On the satchel I created Goth Girl's spooky, kooky friend by copying and cropping her own hand, enlarging it and then adding the stitches all over that Thing. For the background I went to the Halloween Nite digi set and used the spooky trees, bushes and ravens to create the forest that surrounds the school grounds that Goth Girl currently calls home.

Once everything was in place it was time to start coloring and because of her penchant for all things dark and gloomy, my color palette stayed pretty limited. Goth Girl herself is decked out in three different shades of grey and the forest is a mix of greys and grey toned greens. I think the scene has just the right amount of spooky mysteriousness without looking like a straight up Halloween card which I'm considering a success. :)

 Stay crafty my friends!


Sue D

Sue D said:

Cute and spooky.


Cooki said:

l simply love it! Wednesday for

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