Let's Get Spooky

Hello fellow Farmers!

Amy here and I finally got a chance to break into the Hocus Pocus kit and ink up one of the little witchy Beans for a spooky cute Halloween card. This particular witchy Bean, with her round glasses and prim attire had me envisioning her hard at work practicing a new potion brew in her cauldron. So I proceeded to stamp and mask stage one of her spell room together. I began with the grumpy cat and pile of mushrooms because they are the most forward objects in the scene. I masked them off then stamped the cauldron and masked it off as well. Finally I stamped witchy Bean and the skull behind the cauldron, covering them with masks as well before moving on to stage two.

Stage two consisted of going to my computer and opening up Word so I could put together the rest of the room digitally. I started by grabbing a pumpkin from the Hello Fall digi set because with the way I had stamped witchy Bean I knew she would need something to stand on. The way you can manipulate the size and shape of digital images meant that I could 'squish' the pumpkin to just the right height behind the cauldron. Next I added the leaning shelves from the Gardening digi set and proceeded to load it up with all kinds of knick knacks and potion ingredients. The loose plants all come from the Gardening set while the raven, jack o'lantern and ghost are all part of the Halloween Nite digi set. The sentiment is another digi that I wanted to shrink way down and fit seamlessly into the background and it is from the Hallo Sentiments digi set. Finally I added some of the brand new Jars and Bottles to the rest of the shelf space before printing the scene out on a regular piece of thin computer paper. Once I had it printed I grabbed my stamped card front and used a light box to line up the previously stamped elements with the digi elements, taped the card front onto the computer paper and ran it through the printer a second time. 

Now all I had to do was remove the masks and stamp in the floating candles at the top of the card. I had a lot of fun playing with all of the different light sources while I colored up the scene using Copic markers. I stayed with the traditional Halloween colors, focusing mostly on black, green, purple and orange through out. A dark stone wall in the background helps all of those colors to pop more. I gotta say, I'm a bit jealous of her cool spell room now, LOL!

Stay crafty my friends! 


Valerie P.

Valerie P. said:

Gorgeous card! Love the the Hocus Pocus kit!

Fely Tablang

Fely Tablang said:

Wow! What an amazing scene. Do you have a YouTube? Would really love to see how you do these scenes and coloring :-)

Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:

The coloring is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea said:

Amazing as always. And you taught me something … the printing on the computer paper and using light to match it to the card before you run through the printer ! Haha I always tried to measure in the word document and it never seems to come out right ! So thank you. ❤️

Sue D

Sue D said:

Great details in this scene.

Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant said:

Wow… incredible scene with gorgeous coloring! I love the way you used the images, Amy! The grumpy cat is so cute and makes me smile!

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