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Hello friends of the Farm, Amy here and I simply could not resist coloring up a couple of cuties from the brand new Hairoscope kit that I got in the mail Monday. The kit includes 12 little Beans and their hairstyles play off the 12 different signs of the zodiac. Now when the pre-order for the kit first went up I read a lot of comments from fellow crafters who just aren't into the whole zodiac thing, so even though I enjoy astrology as a theme myself I figured it would be fun to show how easy it is to change up their hairstyles and make these little sweeties even more versatile. I ended up grabbing Capricorn and Cancer because I liked the way these two interact with each other, I mean come on with that side eye... you just know these two are plotting some shenanigans. Because I decided to give Cancer dark hair the change was as easy as coloring blunt ends onto her pigtails, letting the marker colors mask the original claw like ends. Capricorn took a bit more work to get rid of her hair 'horns' by wiping the ink off the 'horns' before stamping then using a black pen to complete the missing hair lines on the back of her head. Now it looks like she simply has her bangs pulled back away from her face. I hope this might inspire some of you to look at your themed stamps with an eye towards the simple tweaks you can make opening up the possibilities of your stamp collection. :)

Have a colorful day!


Andrea Hastilow

Andrea Hastilow said:

Now this one is fun, how fabulous to personalise these x

Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:



Gab said:

Oh wow, I just love this!!


Jane said:

Love this! :D

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