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Hello, and happy Monday! I'm here to share how some of the Design Team and I store our stamps. I'm always curious to see how others keep their stamps. While my storage solution is close to what I've been imagining, there is still room to grow. I hope this blog post will help you come up with your perfect stamp storage.

So let us check out how the DT stores their stamps:

Elisabete uses food bins that have a divider in them. She houses them by brand and subdivides them into themes or characters. The furniture that she keeps her stamps is from IKEA.

Meg has a much simplified yet effective way of storing her stamps.  She keeps stackable bins under her craft desk to maximize that space.  She buys them in bulk in the clear variety to track what’s in each.  It’s easy to divide the bins into either theme or company.  For The Greeting Farm stamps, she has a container for the big kits and several bins for the 3x4 and 4x6 sets.  She loves pouring over the sets when deciding on a new project, which she doesn’t mind sorting through!

Rosemary’s system is another cool way to store your stamps. The unit is called the IKEA PAX wardrobe and can be customized with shelves or drawers. She picked the drawers. The base unit has different heights and widths, and then you decide which add-ons you want.  She uses plastic bins to store her dies and stamps—interdesign double-wide bins for stamps or Target white plastic bins. The Target ones are cheaper, and she can usually fit several in one drawer. Limited-time deal: iDesign Recycled Plastic Resipreme Divided Fridge and Freezer, 12” x 4” x 14.5”, Clear and these.

With Rosemary’s system, you can definitely grow your collection!

Here's Joni's storage system:

All of her TGF monthly stamps are stored in these photo boxes from Michaels. They are in chronological order of their release date (l to r); smaller/ single stamps are in a space to the back. She has the year written on each box, so it's fun to pull out older sets and ink them up. Her boxes are stored in these 3x3 organizers from Big Lots; another organizer is to the left (closer to her work area), filled with more recent years.

As for how I (Claudette) store my stamps, I keep them in IKEA drawers, which are no longer available.  When I was shopping at IKEA one year, I saw these drawer sets and only bought the two tall ones.  I then realized I needed more, so I went back for these two shorter drawers, and I am so glad I did because when I went back for the two shorter ones they had told me they were discontinuing them.  Ugh!  I love them; they fit my 4x6 stamp sets perfectly.  

As for my 3x4 stamps, I store them in Michael’s cubes, which I don’t think are no longer available.  I haven’t been to Michael’s store in a while and can’t find it.  But if I do find it, I will include the link. I'm not sure if this will be a permanent solution and don't find this part of my storage a good and viable solution.  I'm still on Pinterest scanning the perfect storage for my 3x4 stamps.  Any tips or ideas would be wonderful ☺️

I hope the team and I were able to give you some good storage ideas. We would love to see how you store your stamps. You can share your system on IG (tag us there with #tgfstampstorage) or upload it on our FB Fan Page.

January 08, 2024 by Claudette San Pedro


Sue D

Sue D said:

Thanks for sharing this variety of storage ideas.


Irene said:

Love all the storage. Especially using the space am talking about the shelves of dies and how you have them in the plastic containers and they are pull out drawers. I really like that cause it just looks clean Great job!!

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