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Hello friends of the Farm!

It's Farmer Amy here today and I really wanted to pull out the Beach Bums set once again. As soon as I got my hands on this summer fun stamp set, I really wanted to get this cutie off the beach and into the pool. Even though a large blow-up floatie stamp isn't included, as long as you've got a good quality black pen it is super easy to draw one in around her. Seriously, just draw four or five bumpy lines on either side then connect them at the top and bottom and you've got something for this mini Anya to float on. Once I had her resting at her leisure I just used my Copic markers to color a bird's eye view of the cool, blue pool water... tip (what really sells this forced perspective is adding in that dark drop shadow that the floatie would cast at the bottom of the pool on a sunny day). I also stamped in the bottle of sunscreen and her flip flops at the edge of the pool to help set the scene. For a bit of embellishment I thought it would be fun to add some of the new Doodlebug Tropical Punch washi tape and enamel Sprinkles because who doesn't enjoy a sweet drink or two while hanging out at the pool?  ;)


Carla Hundley

Carla Hundley said:

Too cute and
love the view!
Like being there.
Carla from Utah

Lynette Ballard

Lynette Ballard said:

Ahh! Love this card so much! I am starting to add more and more details with a pen in my cards. Love how you made the floatie, and that shadow makes it so real!

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