The gift of love

Hello fellow Farmers!

Amy here with my final blog post, and I'm wrapping up the year with a Christmas card using several of the digital stamp sets available in the store. This pretty Anya from the older Dress Up Winter set was really speaking to me so she became the star of the show that I built the rest of the scene around. After dressing her in the lovely scarf ensemble her outstretched arms seemed to be perfect for carrying gift bags. So I went to the Cheeky Shop set and added the bundles of bags to each of Anya's hands.

Now her story was really starting to form in my head, Anya would be all dressed up and on her way to a holiday party only to find that she has to dig her car out from all the snow before she can go. So I added the car and the pine trees from the new Happy Winter set behind Anya, shrinking the trees down to a smaller size so they look like they are further off in the distance. Since the heavy snowfall was coming into play, I also decided to give Anya a hat from the Fight Cancer set and dress it up with a bit of Christmas sparkle by adding the stars from the Christmas Day set as decorative pins.

With the scene set it was time to start coloring and I opted to deck Anya out in mostly neutrals with accents of silver, gold and red. I think this gives her a pretty, sophisticated look. The car also got a red paint job and then the green of the pine trees completed the traditional Christmas color combo. For the snow I used a combination of light purples and blues to create the sense of late afternoon on a snowy winter day. I sure hope Anya makes it to her party on time!  :)

Because TGF takes December off, I just want to take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a crafty New Year!


Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:

Enjoy your holidays! I LOVE this! Gorgeous!

Gina Kauffman

Gina Kauffman said:

Wow. I can just visualize little Anya’s dismay at being late for her party. Genius to incorporate all of the elements from various sets, and I love this adorable outfit. Awesome card as always, Amy.

Sue D

Sue D said:

Wow—lots of snow!

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