Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s Rosie here today to share my skin combo for our bi-monthly feature called Tip Me Tuesday. TMT is a fun little post about our favorite color combos, using our choice of mediums. This month, Joni asked if I could share one of my go-to skin combinations. Every Tuesday this month there will be a special guest featured. We hope our Skin Series encourages you to try out different colors!


Today, I’m sharing how I color my TGF images who wear glasses. I used this adorable girl who was part of the Stamptember Celebration at Simon Says Stamp. The set is sold out, but you could use You’re Spectacular to practice. As an extra bonus I also included one of my fave hair combos so keep scrolling.


Step 1: I usually start with my lightest color (E000) and outline where I think I’m going to add my darkest color for the shadow on her face.


Step 2: I come in with my darkest color E13 and add my shadows (over the E000). You can see I added E13 under her hair line and under the rim of her glasses.

Step 3: I then come in with my next darkest color E11, going a little over the E13 and bringing the line out a little towards the center of her face. I also use E11 to make a circle around her eyes so I remember to leave a little white around her pupil.

Step 4: Next, I add E01 and bring the line even further to the center of her face.

Step 5: I add E00, and again bring my color closer to the center of her face.

Step 6: Then I add E000 and go over everything to blend even further.

Step 7: Finally, I use N2 to color the glasses over her eyes.

NOW, on to the bonus feature of HAIR! When I do hair, I always start with my darkest color and lay in my shadow. For this image I started with E49.

Then I brought in E79, and E47 and flick my lines out further to the center of the highlight.

For my final step, I used E43 and colored in the white areas.

If you try this combo for skin or hair, we would LOVE to see it! You can post your coloring and cards on our Facebook page, The Greeting Farm Fan Page. Be sure to stop back by next Tuesday to see the next skin combo from another amazing designer!




October 10, 2017 by Rosemary Bridges

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