Tip Me Tuesday: Weave It To Me

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's Joni here with this month's TMT, a little feature of ideas, tips, or color combos using all things TGF. To celebrate Spring, I wanted to try my hand at something 3D that would bring an image of flowers to life.
Today's card is brought to you by an easy technique you can do with just a few strips of scrap cardstock - a basket weave!

I remember doing this with construction paper in elementary school! We would do fun colors and have it laminated, then use them as our own little personalized place mats. 
To keep it on a more intricate scale, I cut these strips evenly, alternating light and dark kraft card stock. Begin by lining up the dark strips side by side, then taking a light strip and weaving it through, over and under.
If you find that they're moving a bit, an easy way to keep it together is to adhere the front with a piece of washi tape, then adjust as your square gets bigger. 

Once I had the size I wanted, I rubbed a clear glue stick to the back of my woven square before cutting it to size. At this time you can remove the washi tape, just be sure to let it dry thoroughly so when you trim it, nothing shifts.

Here's a close up of the basket, I purposely made it a bit longer than the panel so it would pop a bit more. This would have been really cute for Easter baskets in pastel colors too, but you could easily create a baby basket and fill it with little stuffed animals! 
I can't wait to see if you try this pop of fun. Be sure to share any cards you make with this easy weave-y project. Have a wonderful day, thank you for coming by!

April 09, 2024 by The Greeting Farm DT


Sue D

Sue D said:

Love the basket!

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