Happy Tuesday everyone! The eclipse is now in the history books, but Stephanie is bringing her own bright sunshine for today’s TMT! 


Hi, all! Stephanie with you once again this month to share a fancy colouring combo. And this time, it is all about combining two combos into one, or as others like to call this trendy set up, melon-izing! Okay, okay, I’m late to the party, but it’s never too late, right? Today’s Tip Me Tuesday is done step by step on Joy available as a rubber stamp.

If you were a subscriber to the Secret Stamp Club like me, then you already have her in your stash listed as #36. As always, I started from dark to light on my image. The trick to combining two combos into one is that you have to decide where you place them, right? I’m not known to like complicated things, so I just go with top roots for one combo, bottom edges for the other. So for the first step, it’s both R22 and YG09.

See, simple! Next step was to add the midtone to these combos, so R43 and YG06 it is.

And for the last part, R20 and YG21, but do be light on your strands, leaving some white acting as a link in-between the combos. You might have realized that I didn’t follow “classic” families patterns, but they all come together pretty nicely.

If you’re up to it, do a second layer with all these colours and it will totally improve the look!

And here is the final result, with the entire image being melonized!

As always, you have the possibility to create your own charts like the one below, graciously provided by Marie.

Here are Marie’s color combo cards for your own collection, simply save and print:


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Thank you so much Stephanie! I adore her coloring, and this watermelon cutie is a sweet reminder that summer doesn’t really end.  Be sure to follow Stephanie here on her blog as well. You won’t be disappointed. Have a great day everyone, thank you for coming by!

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