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Hello fellow Farmers!

Amy here, and I hope you are still enjoying the big Anya Combo kit because I sure am. My goal is to get all eight of the cuties onto their own cards before the new Anya mystery kit arrives some time next month. I've only got three Anyas left to go, it might be close but I think I can do it. As for today's card, this pig-tailed Anya with her cozy sweater looked to me like she would be enjoying a cold spring day indoors.

The only question I had was what would she be occupying her time with on a rainy day inside? As always, I went to the digital stamps section of the store and just browsed through the sets, looking for inspiration. I came across Tablet Anya and I had my hook. This Anya would be a little artist happily drawing on her ipad. To build up her creative space, I grabbed the bay window from the Bay Window digi set, some comfy pillows and the juice box from the Picnic digi set, the potted plant and stack of pillows from the Kitty Love digi set and the cute kitten from the Breakfast at Cheeky's digi set. The only thing I had to draw in myself was the ipencil for her tablet.

At last I could finally start coloring up this rainy day scene using my Copic markers. Outside the bay window I laid down a simple wash of light greens extending back into the distance. Then I used some blue markers right over top, adding vertical streaks of darker blue to help bring to mind falling rain obscuring the view. I brought more blue tones into Anya's creative space to tie in with the background but when it came time to color Anya herself I made sure that she stood out against all those cool colors with some bright, sunshiny yellow. This guaranteed that she would be the star of the show in her space.

Now I hope you all take a cue from Anya and stay crafty my friends!  :)


Sue D

Sue D said:

Fabulous coloring!

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