I Will Praise the Lord Forever and Ever!

Happy Saturday!  Claudie here, sorry this blog post is finding you late this glorious Saturday afternoon.  I have been sick since Wednesday and man is it kicking my butt!  Second time this year sick with who knows what.  I don't think it's the flu - Praise the Lord!  But it might be just a really bad cold...boohoo!  Anyhow, I completely forgot to write this post up since I had been in bed like I said since Wednesday so I created this fun artsy page real quick.  Messy and all, I still like how it turned out. Sure there are some mistakes I've made but's for me and  I'm seriously having fun with painting in my Bible.  I hope you are enjoying this type of devotional time as well.  If you are, we'd love to see how you're painting in YOUR Bible! (^_~)

Here's my spread using Born Again and Jesus is the Way stamp sets.  You can also see all our other Faith stamps here.  I also used some acrylic paint from Target which I absolutely love!  They don't bleed through and they have a ton of gorgeous colors!  Price is pretty reasonable as well!  Anyhow, hope you find my page a bit inspirational and go with just painting, having fun and some great devotional time with Jesus!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!




Jessica said:

Love the combo of two stamp sets. Just beautiful!

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