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Miss Anya Coffee Break
Hey everyone! Jessie here today, sharing a fun little project I made with 6 coloured pencils and a piece of toned grey paper. 
I coloured up Miss Anya Coffee Break. I had a blast seeing all the different tones and looks i could get using 5 colours for the colouring and then black to retrace all my stamped lines. I tried to add some free hand coffee rings in the background, not sure it 100% Succeeded but I do love this card. 



Fikreta said:


Andrea Hastilow

Andrea Hastilow said:

WOW !.I adore the look of this card, you’ve made an awesome job. Would love to make a card like this, awesome x

Andre M.

Andre M. said:

Fantastic, beautiful colouring and 100% success!

Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:

Fabulous coloring!

Mirella Rogan

Mirella Rogan said:

WOW! Awesome!

Brian Poteraj

Brian Poteraj said:

I like the effect. I am going to look for some of that paper.


Susan said:

Looks great and only 5 pencils, wow.

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