The kitchen of my dreams!  lol (^_^)

Hey friends!  Happy Monday!  I know usually I post a video but I read the schedule incorrectly last week and posted a week earlier...ugh!  Anyhow, I decided since today is a free day to share my card using the Build A Kitchen digital stamp.  I. AM. LOVING. THESE DIGITAL. SETS!!!!  I'm more of a digital person when it comes to crafting so having these images on my computer and coloring on my iPad has made my life so much easier.  Less time at my desk and more time with the family on the couch watching movies and coloring and not having to lug around all my copics! 

Anyhow...I put this cutie together using, of course, the awesome Build a Kitchen and Addy.  It's funny cuz if you look at Addy, she's wearing a bikini and holding a towel.  Which actually worked out, I just put an apron (from Bakery Cafe) on so you can't tell and her holding the towel looks as though she belongs in the kitchen!  haha! I just had to color this card (like my others) pastel because, well, I love pastel and I know in real life the hubby won't go for any of our furniture or kitchen to be in pastel colors.  So might as well color it the way I've always dreamed of.  haha!

Check out our digital section you'll be amazed at how much images we have there, as I know some of you have never seen Addy or the other characters that aren't Anya or Ian.  The possibilities on what you could use them on are endless!   We hope you find the digital images as much fun to play with as we do!




Nanette said:

So adorable I love the insta pot.


Fikreta said:

gorgeous card!

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