Stamp Feature: Miss Anya Buckles

Welcome back Wednesday, to our last Stamp Feature of the month! January had such a fun release to kick off 2020, we're so excited for all that's to come for the rest of the year. These new goodies are always so great, but it seems as if the Miss Anya line is conitnuously a huge hit.
So we saved her for last - reintroducing Miss Anya Buckles:

Oh my goodness, three different hair lengths for Miss Anya Buckles must be the reason she is currently sold out! (Don't worry - she'll be back soon!) The designers did a wonderful job and brought all of these cuties to life this week on this blog post here. We inked up our sets for today's little lineup:


We hope you enjoyed this week of Stamp Features as much as we did! You can find the other January goodies in the shop here, Thank you for joining us, and being such an integral part of the Farm!
Have a wonderful rest of your week, and happy crafting to you always. 


Meghan Kennihan

Meghan Kennihan said:

Soooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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